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    Self Employment
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Resumo da atividade: 
The objective of this task is to analyse the methods and strategies for the maintenance and growth of the social enterprise.

Descrição da atividade: 

This activity consists of watching the proposed video about a social enterprise and brainstorming about what is done and can be done for the growth of the social enterprise, so that the company is maintained over time.
It also aims to discover through the case study social marketing strategies, customer research etc. ....

Descrição metodológica: 
Follow the instructions below: 1) Watch the video "La Fageda" proposed as an example of a successful company. 2) Evaluate the company's maintenance strategies by answering the following question: What are the elements that have helped to maintain the company in this case study?
Indicadores de avaliação: 
Debate - What are the elements that have helped keep the company in this case study?
Recursos necessários: 
Video: La Fageda (

Files needed for the implementation of the activity