Time Managent 4 quardants

  • Autor: 
    Betty Aggeletaki
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  • Nível de empoderamento: 
    Self assertion, self-awareness, decisions and transformation actions
Resumo da atividade: 
Time management is the ability to plan and control how you spend the hours in your day to effectively accomplish your goals .4quardants time management technique

Descrição da atividade: 

The trainer explains the importance of time management as also presents and explains the 4 quardants technique. Participants need to take the goals that have and to split it in four quardants in order to decide in which need to set priority
4 quardans time management use in order to classify urgent or less urgent action.

Descrição metodológica: 
Think and decide how they can manage their time in order to cover their goals.( Goal setting and time management work together)
Indicadores de avaliação: 
Practice of the usage 4 quardants technique in time management
Recursos necessários: 
Their goal paper

Files needed for the implementation of the activity