Create your own business

  • Author: 
    Betty Aggeletaki
  • Category: 
    Self Employment
  • Self Employment level: 
Summary of activity: 
The objective of this activity is to let participants think as entrepreneur

Description of the activity: 

After the presentation and discussion about entrepreneurial skills ,creativity thinking methods and decision making participants can work alone or as team .Then will need to do:
1.Choose one or more of the objects of the picture that you will sell, produce, design or find another usage by combination or two or more objects
2. You have 20.000 Euros to start up your business.
3.Think and find your target customer group
4. Define who are you?
5.Find Name for your company
6.Define the reason that someone wants to buy your product or service
7.Create the S.W.O.T analysis
8.Think about the way that you introduce your product or service to the people
9.Create a simple business card.
You can choose to have partners (to work as group of two to three person)or to work as individuals.

Methodological description: 
case study
Assessment indicators: 
Case study: The participants need to put in place all the methods that they learn of entrepreuneur, creativity and desicion making
Resources needed: 
attached file, papers, pen

Files needed for the implementation of the activity