Drawing up a business plan with the Business Model Canvas model

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    Self Employment
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Summary of activity: 
The objective of this task is to elaborate a business plan and to identify the phases of constitution of a company. It is also intended to develop creative problem solving and analysis strategies.

Description of the activity: 

This activity consists of learning how to make a simple business plan, such as the Business Model Canvas, and developing an example business plan.

Methodological description: 
Follow the instructions below: 1) Watch the video "The Business Model Canvas". 2) Develop an example of a business plan using the Canvas model attached to the activity. 3) Send the developed project to your trainer.
Assessment indicators: 
Evaluation of the Canvas model proposed by the students
Resources needed: 
- Internet connection - Video "The Business Model Canvas" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP0cUBWTgpY&t=1s - Canvas Model (PowerPoint) - Space for uploading the document prepared by the students

Files needed for the implementation of the activity