Bulding a balloon tower

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    Betty Aggeletaki
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    Self assertion, self-awareness, decisions and transformation actions
Resumo da atividade: 
The general objective of this activity is by playing to think, decide and solve a problem with cooperation with others.

Descrição da atividade: 

After the presentation about methodology of problem solving participant split in groups and trainer ask to built with balloon a tower as tall as they can.
Each group will have 10 balloons .Also on the desk will be pumps and tapes. The limitation is that groups will have one pump and one tape less . Example. two groups =one pump and one tape, three groups =two pumps and two tapes.
Participants need first to think what they have to do, then to decide how they can buld the tower of balloon and then how they can cooperate with others in order all to use pumps and tapes
After the finish of activity will we have discussion about the way that they think and the decision that they made as also how they felt about cooperation.

Descrição metodológica: 
Learning through play
Indicadores de avaliação: 
Learning through play : Participant have learned how to solve problem and how to cooperate with others
Recursos necessários: 
Balloons, pumps, tapes

Files needed for the implementation of the activity