Increse Self-esteem

  • Autor: 
    Betty Aggeletaki
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    Self assertion, self-awareness, decisions and transformation actions
Resumo da atividade: 
The objective of this activity is participants to recognize and understand that are more than just unployedt as they can be good, person, good mother, good friend etc. The point is to understand that they have more personal qualification than they think that they have.

Descrição da atividade: 

Participants will choose one card that reffers on quality that have a person. The card suppose to sent from a person familiar to participant. Then participants need to write a least 6 other qualities that they have and someone, somewhere thinking them as… "a trust person","good friend", person with empathy" etc

Descrição metodológica: 
Active learning
Indicadores de avaliação: 
Active learning: Participants need to recognize how many good characteristics they have as persons in order to increase their self-esteem
Recursos necessários: 
Attached files, pen

Files needed for the implementation of the activity