Lotus blossom creativity technique

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    Betty Aggeletaki
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    Self Employment
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Lotus Blossom technique is a technique that give the opportunity to create 64 different ideas or solutions to one subject or problem

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The Lotus Blossom Technique is a structured brainstorming exercise used to expand on a central idea or problem.Individuals or teams place the original problem statement in the center box in a 3x3 matrix, then add related themes or elements of the problem in the 8 boxes surrounding it. After filling out this central box, 8 new grids are created with an idea from the first grid in the center. The process repeats, with the individuals or team adding 8 ideas for each of the 8 initial aspects from the first grid.

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creativity: Participants can learn how they can use this technique in order to solve a problem or to create new ideas for something
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