Six thinking hats method

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    Betty Aggeletaki
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    Self assertion, self-awareness, decisions and transformation actions
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This method focuses on the ability of parallel thinking and helps to improve the thinking process. Assists to focus on how it can be done something and not how it is today

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After the presentation and explanation of the method participants will use this method in order to make a decision for a restaraunt " You are owners of a company. You need to rent a place in order to establish your company. You have a space in third floor of building, another space in the corner of two busy streets, one space in a nice road . All spaces have the same square meters and the same rent"
Using the six hat method make your decision.
Remember the thinking way of each hat
Blue hat - It is the hat that presents the problem
White hat- collect information
Green hat – propose alternative , to look for innovative ways
Red Hat - It’s the emotional and instinctive point of view.
Yellow hat - Its goal is to point the positive qualities of the solutions
Black hat – It is the one that shows the negative qualities of the solutions

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thinking process - decision making
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Practice to six thinking hat methods that will give them the ability to organise their thoughts and to make decision by creative way
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