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    Self Employment
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Περίληψη της δραστηριότητας: 
The aim of this task is to analyse the characteristics and types of social enterprise all around Europe

Περιγραφή της δραστηριότητας: 

This activity consists of analysing the characteristics and typologies of the social enterprise through the reading of the proposed document (
Students must complete the proposed exercise on the benefits of a social enterprise and fill in the Word Document.
Finally, the student will evaluate the proposed activity in the form of a debate on site.

Μεθοδολογική περιγραφή: 
Follow the instructions below: 1) Make a comprehensive reading of chapter 3 "Innovative tendencies in the context of the social economy: the emergence of social enterprises" which you will find in the European Commission publication "Social economy and social entrepreneurship.pdf" ( 2) Download the proposed document "The benefits of social enterprise.docx" and describe which are the benefits of a social enterprise. 3) Present the document elaborated. 4) Evaluate the activity in the form of a debate.
Δείκτες αξιολόγησης: 
Debate in class
Απαιτούνται πόροι: 
- Chapter 3 of the European Commission publication "Social economy and social entrepreneurship". - Exercise: "The Benefits of Mobility"

Files needed for the implementation of the activity